Know how Team IndiaNIC is tackling COVID-19 Crisis, with 0% downtime.

We all know it’s not a topic we’d be happy to elaborate more on. It’s a pandemic that has taken the entire planet for a spin. Wherever you are at the moment in the world, we know it is not the most comforting situation. We understand you might have limited resources to tackle this – and still ensuring that the ends stay connected.

As this is being written, we’re under a complete lockdown condition. However, we’ve taken ALL the possible measures to make sure we stay in full operation with our digital services and provide vigilant support to our clients and associates worldwide.

There’s a lot of stress out there – and want to ensure we stay true to our prolonged beliefs and know that people and our commitments are always at the centre of everything we touch. Therefore, we’ve ensured –

  • Every member is advised to stay within home amid the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Take all precautionary measures during the lockdown.
  • Each team member stays 100% available and is working from home irrespective of the role.
  • Support each other including all of our clients and go an extra mile to assist.
  • Be flexible and empathise with everyone.
  • Stay in communication with the project teams, more than ever.
  • Ensure everybody is well equipped to deliver. (e.g. Internet, VOIP, VPN, Laptops, etc.)

We ensured 100% of our team members are ready to Work From Home within 24 hours – including shipping the workstations to home, network setup and internet.

  • Keep the work secure throughout this situation.
  • Stay connected internally and more importantly, with you.
  • Update your daily routines via Video Conference.
  • It’s OK to have surprises and it’s ok to not be able to deliver. Just say it. We’re all in this together.

Work From Home is not how we’re trained to work in India. However, we’ve eliminated the skepticism around this new term by achieving 98% availability of our staff from their home right from the very first day of the transition.

In particular – we believe COMMUNICATION is a key factor when everybody’s dealing with this severe condition. We request you to stay in touch with us to enable us to handle your projects without interruptions, work more efficiently, and therefore, can stay organised. While this is just an overview, there are hundreds of small to big arrangements we are doing.

IndiaNIC has been in business since 1997 and has seen many international crisis conditions without naming them. Whether it’s economical, technological, environmental or medical – we’ve safeguarded every member of IndiaNIC and acted responsibly to take care of themselves, their families and without a doubt, all of our clients across the globe.

We believe it is our moral duty to provide more support and assistance to you in this period, and more than happy to walk that extra mile. We’re just a call away!

For Existing Clients –

If you need any sort of help out of our agreed commitments, or need anything else, anything more, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can ALWAYS SEND YOUR REQUESTS to your immediate point of contact, OR on hello@indianic.com with your name details of what you needed, and we’ll take them up as fast as we can and what’s within our reach.

For New Business Enquiries –

If you are willing to hire our services and wish to know more about our approach towards your project idea during this tough time or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can share your details/ requirements here or send an email to us on hello@indianic.com. We will get back to you as fast as we can (normally within 24 hours).

We all hope this all changes soon and we come back to our usual routines. Please note that the entire team of IndiaNIC is here not just as a service provider or as a development partner — we’re here as a friend you can count on.


Sandeep Mundra


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