Taking proactive measures for efficient delivery

Periodic review to inculcate a 360 ° view of every situation in a project

This review process occurs within different time frames based on project criticality and complexity. The aim is to review key deliverables, team alignment, and everything that effect timely and effective delivery of project.

For any project to sustain in a predictive way to ensure the core 3 triangles of scope, time and budget remains predicted, there must be a structure to see beyond numbers. Unlike many others – we don’t just look at numbers.
The aim of the review is to measure to the “Completeness” and the Experience.

To do so, we involve key stakeholders who drive the project as well as some of the neutral but well experienced members from other teams to take a look at the results and eliviate the project situation to a greater satisfaction level.

Breaking Bad

The myths that exist for an offshore team

What client thinks?

  • Start is too slow
  • Miscommunication
  • My team is too inexperienced!
  • Indecisive Milestones
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Nobody cares!

What’s the reality?

  • Lack of 100% understanding
  • Knowing only a tip of the iceberg
  • Slower feedbacks / approvals
  • Unknown priorities at client’s end
  • Just doing it as a tasks (actually a lot of clients expects us to do so :))

Echo Meetings - The Project Review Process

All of the projects on in the development stage are reviewed every 2 weeks at least. In certain cases, for the projects that are slow, we review them at least once in a month. The aim is to review project timeline, open issues, current team feedback, efforts burn down, delivery milestones and overall schedule of the project.

This not only gives us a clearer picture of where the project is – but gives a foresight into the immediate future too.

  • 100% transparent sharing of facts and current situation
  • Review Efforts, and Project Delivery Milestones
  • Review immediate forcast, plan and known risks that might just arrive.
Echo Meetings - The Project Review Process

Looping in Clients in the Review Process

We know an internal review gives us on side of the picture. However, successful offshore projects always require client attention, especially when you’re measuring success or failiure.

Identify Internal & External Risks Elements

With clients involved in such an evaluation, the team can also get to know some of the risks from client end too which generally are not shared initially.

To Ensure projects are on track and schedule

Planning based on current situation is more relevant than a plan that set from day 1 of the project - allowing adaptibility and practical approach.

Ensure entire development cycle is smooth

By ensuring the engineers and designers are the team on the ground, and when they have predictive results to produce, the quality becomes better.

Stakeholders In Review Process


The Project Manager or the Team Manager

YOU - The Client

Project Owner


Team member from IndiaNIC Account Management Team

Team Members

Anyone from team who can add value to the Project Review



Review meetings are NEVER ad-hoc. They’re always scheduled in advance and stakeholders are sent calendar invite well before the meeting occurs.

  • Shared calendar with all key stakeholders
  • Planned intimation of review session
  • Prior notifications
  • Summary of past review action items

Review Presentation

A review presentation by a Project Manager or Scrum Master at IndiaNIC keeps a stable presentation with most up to date information.

  • Current State of the project
  • Current stage of development
  • Known Risks
  • Dependencies
  • Ask for recommendations

Reviewer Findings

A project reviewer – either client or a neutral reviewer has to submit their findings with a form to ensure they are captured and turned into action items.

  • Overall feedback about team, and their way of working
  • Your suggestions to improve the deliverables
  • How we can make these presentations more productive and efficient

Moderator Review

A neutral moderator keeps an eye on if the meeting is executed properly and also jots down his/her findings in an evaluation form which is captured.

  • Ensure review is done properly
  • Done with appropriate detail about project
  • Incorporating your feedback into deliverables
  • Improve presentations based on your feedback

All it takes - Less than 2 Hours / Month

What IndiaNIC Does?

  • Not a usual discussion that you do every day with team
  • More than short term goal setting
  • Affects overall deliverables
  • Gives clear picture of broader goals than just a set of routine tasks

What Client’s Need to Do?

  • 1 hour every month
  • Proactive suggestions
  • Open mindset
  • Stronger collaboration

Efficient Mobile UI/UX Design

Discovery Workshop is designed to provide precise and detailed.
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